About Me

I’ve been thinking about cities and how they work for a long time. A few years ago, though, I started getting paid for it, and that’s been a very pleasant development.

This website is meant to be a showcase of my skills and experience, both academic and professional, as well as an outlet for the observations and musings I have about urban issues.

I have an endless fascination with human settlements: how and why we choose to live the way we do, as well as ideas on how to improve. Our communities are the result of multiple choices we have made as individuals and as a society. Thinking about those choices will be, without a doubt, a lifelong project for me.

I am also many other things besides an urbanist: a photographer, a custom t-shirt maker, an ultimate frisbee player, a cyclist, a people watcher, a political junkie. I suppose you can now add blogger to that list, too.

If you want to reach me, I am at yotung@gmail.com

FYI, all photos on this site are mine, unless otherwise attributed.


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