Wheels Turning : Times Changing

9 02 2009

As a 2008 wrap-up, GOOD Magazine did a survey of the state of our planet. An impossible task, but it resulted in some interesting articles, one of which suggested some big changes in transportation trends continuing into 2009: increased cycling, increased transit use, higher gas prices (though prices have dropped for the time being), infrastructure spending to fight the recession and the rise of electric vehicles.

It also offered another short article on some great examples around the world of places which are taking innovative approaches to cycling, and getting around in general.

Paris’ new Velib bike rental system is the most exciting concept, for my money, with an average of 130,000 bike rentals per day since it was launched in July of 2007. There’s a great overview by the Bikes Belong Coalition on vimeo, complete with cool-hipster narration. I can’t embed the video for some reason, but click on the image below to see it:

Bikes Belong Coalition - Paris' Velib bike system

Paris' Velib bike system - Bikes Belong Coalition




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